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The e-commerce.

Is there anyway to: RSS Feed -> Product price?


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I am creating a web site to sell precious metals (bullion) products.


Currently, I have to change prices on the products every day and even sometimes multiple times a day.


I was wondering if there is a way to receive an RSS feed that would automatically update a product's price, given a certain premium/etc.


Also, if there is no way to do that, maybe some where I could just type in the spot price at the time and it would update accordingly.


I looked through the RSS feed contribs, and those all seem to deal with outgoing feeds.


Thanks ahead of time!

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In order to do this you would have to have a dynamic feed (products source), as well as somehow make OSC use this, either "live" or somehow populating the db in real time.


I would just run an update script (bespoke) that takes your live feed and then poupulates the db with these.


Personally I would re-word the question, as this would tend to imply 'create a RSS feed from existing products'.


I would put somthing like, update products etc via RSS feed.

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Don't think any contribution exists that caters to this particular requirement - though it is do able -

a. receive xml feed and store it in a flat file.

b. parse the values and then

c. update database as per values received.


One can setup cron tab for the right frequency to update or execute the custom script to do this, like hourly update or maybe twice a day (depending upon your web host)

Best Regards,

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