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Create Account problem - fields pre-filled with "admin", etc.


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This is for a new installation with the extra products field contribution.


There is a problem when I test it as a new customer trying to set up an account.


The fax number field appears pre-filled with the word admin.


The password field appears already pre-filled with ●●●●●●●●●●●●



The Returning Customer (login) page has a similar problem.


The e-mail address is pre-filled with the word admin.


The password field is already pre-filled with ●●●●●●●●●●●●


I've searched through these forums trying to find an answer, and while I can see other people have mentioned a similar problem, no one appears to have posted a solution.


Can anyone suggest what the problem is?

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have you already created an account with those values? your browser is probably remembering what you put there before. other people shouldn't see it. you can go to your site on another browser or computer to check.

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I still cannot find where the problem is.


I will try again to do a complete re-installation. I suspect this is due to something with the Products Extra Field contribution.


Mind you, if anyone comes up with some suggestions before I do the re-installation, it would be very much appreciated...

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You've probably already done the reinstallation by now, but...


Is your browser set up to save ID and password any time it detects a password-type field? If so, the first time you filled in the admin ID and its password on that particular page (not necessarily setting up any account), your browser would have saved it for you. You should be able to turn off this feature, or have it prompt you as to whether you want the password saved.

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