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Where is the easy setup? Here's my problem. I was told and led to believe that with osCommerce my online store would be up and running in no time. "No Programming Knowledge Required". Even the tech support at my hosting company said "if you can use Microsoft Word then you can set this cart up". Quite clearly to set up and configure this "online store" you need to have a good general knowledge of HTML and know a bit about php and be comfortable with editing source code and be able to wrap your head around the whole structure of the site and how the files all interact with each other. After reading the information in the knowledge base I have come to the conclusion that I am looking at possibly months before I can launch my store. Thats months that I don't have. I need to be generating sales not spending the next 2 months teaching myself php or making mistake after mistake fumbling through the source code in this site and trying to get it to do what I want. I'm sure that for a qualified developer with previous experience in e-commerce this would be a cake walk but not for me. Is there something I'm missing? Is there a page with all the straight forward easy steps that I have not found yet? Like I said, I need my store up yesterday not in2 or 3 months. Help anyone?

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Thanks for the post but I have already read most of the information in the linked pages which is how I came to the above conclusions. So just to confirm, I gather from your answer that I'm right and there is no quick and easy setup particularly if you dont want to use the generic page layout that comes with osCommerce. That I will be spending weeks reading documentation and then trying to edit source code to get somewhere close to having an operational store.

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I just install osCommerce and without editing any code. For that you don't need any special knowledge.


If you are editing the code then you should have programming knowledge or at least be able to read code. Sometimes it makes sense to hire some to do things you aren't skilled in.


I'm a programmer and sometimes I have to hire others to write code for me. :-)

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Here's a thought. If you don't understand the question then don't answer it. You can have that for free :) I think I have my answer. Please excuse me while I go figure out how to un-install osCommerce.

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Yes there are loads of them, but not all in one place.


The first 2 threads in the installation forum are good.


I have also gathered together all that I found of use and put them my signature block as usefull threads.


Good luck with your commercail/other shop.



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For links mentioned in old answers that are no longer here follow this link Useful Threads.


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