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Atrributes "Option Name" Dissapearing.


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What has happened is that i've realised when I add new attributes (be it color or size), it doesn't add the option Name to it. So I go to update it, and then it Updates the option name, but gets rid of the option name for soem other one. Even if that other one is attached to products already.


Is this because i've added to many attributes and it cannot handle more?


Please excuse my ignorance here, i'm no programmer/coder.


Some add-ons have been implemented. The only one I think that would affect it is the one where you can then add attributes to products right on the product insert page, as you are inserting the product.


Thanks for any help on this. I hope i've been clear enough.

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If you have not installed any of the add-ons that touch the attributes correctly, they will overwrite the attribute name.


Check first your MySQL table.


Are all the name fields filled in the tables:





If so, then go to the products_attributes table and sort by product_id ... check one of your products with attributes and see what settings are being used.


The names themselves are only listed in the tables:





But the links to them are listed in the table: products_attributes


You need to be sure that the peices and parts that make up the attribute are combined correctly.


If something is out of wack, then they will appear wrong on the product display or get overwritten on the adding/editing of a product.


Try adding a brand new product and select options for it. Does it show up correctly? If so, try editing it. Does it still show up correctly?

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