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The e-commerce.

Bad tax result


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I installed the latest OsCommerce and i want to setup Compound Tax for quebec zone.


I created both tax rated (canada 7% and quebec 7.5%). Canadian rate have priority 1 and quebec rate have 2.


I created a dummy customer in quebec zone and i made some test with it.


OsCommerce cumulated both tax (14.5%)...But the result should be 15.025%


Wath's wrong ???

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It works better but i noticed this:


Example: Sub-total: $2.00

GST: $0.14

PST: $0.16

Total: $2.30 <---this is the actual OsCommerce result


But in fact, $2 + GST = $2.14


$2.14 + PST = $2.3005


So, we must roud Total to $2.31 !!!!! (that's the law)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I am not very strong in math but

this looks wrong :(



Sous-Total: $699.98

TPS ( 7% ): $49.00

TVQ ( 7.5% ): $56.17

Taxe: $101.50

Total: $906.65


the Taxe total is wrong and it is

added twice ( i know that people form quebec like to pay taxes

but i doubt our clients will like it )



so it's adding up




to the total


so i guess the new tax did not remove the old tax

stuff from oscommerce.


Anyone else had this problem ?



I also disabled the tax module just for fun

and i noticed that the old tax still gets calculated

even if i disabled it in the admin section



Sous-Total: $699.98

Total: $801.48

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In your admin side of the store

Admin/modules/order total ...make sure the tax is disable red dot and in the sort order there is no number beside Tax

Mine is like this


Sub-Total 1

Shipping 2



Total 5



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mmm i don't have



in my sort orders i just have one named

tax but the orders are ok



I figured out the problem about 10 minutes after

my post, what the problem was is the location/taxes



i had tax rates in there, it was the way i got the

taxes to calculate before. I followed the readme.txt

to install, but it never said to remove tax rates,

i was sure that the new tax thing read the tax rates from

there. it seams to be hardcoded in the script



anyways i got it to work now :)

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  • 2 months later...

I have done the same thing exactly (set gst with priority 1 and quebec pst with priority 2).... why doesn't OSC compound the two rates?!? grrrr....


I can't use the Canadian Separate Tax Hack because of more complicated issues.


Have you figured out a different fix for this?

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With regards to the above mentioned contribution: Is there anyway to add shipping into the equation? So that shipping tax is compounded properly?

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