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new login page


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I have noticed a new login page on a number of sites now.


Where you have to click a radio button to indicate if you are a new user or an existing one.


Here's an example of it in use:



I would love to implement this one in the shop I am building (mine still contains the old login.php) but on searching the forum and the contributions I have so far come up empty.


Still, with quite a few sites already using it I guess there must be some knowlegde in the community.


Can somebody give me a few pointers (or a handy link)?

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That isnt a new one, that is in fact an old one!


From probably about 9 months ago now if not longer.


You could either design your own to look like this by playing around with the login.php code, or you could try and get hold of an old snapshot.



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A old one in fact? Now that's funny! :)


Clearly before my time ;)




The thing that I was looking for is a way to ease new customers into creating an account after clicking checkout.


This login version seems more friendly in that respect.


On the forum I read about another option people implemented but that brings everybody to 'create_account.php'. But I don't like that too much for the regular shoppers (since they have to click an extra link to get to the login page).


So then I happened on this and it seemed an improvement. Both regulars and new customers can use the same menu and after filling in their email newbies are eased into registering.


I would love to use it.


As for modifying 'login.php' to have it look like that, I'm afraid I am not that good in php. So therefore I am hoping someone will at least have some pointers or a snippet of code laying around.

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If you arent too good with PHP all you need to do is use something like Dreamweaver MX, as this recognises the php code, then just move the html around.


The php code is wrapped in html, so if you moce the html to the design you want, and then put the php code in its place you will have a newly designed login page.


It is much much easier than ppl think.


Just conceentrate on the html and not the PHP.



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actually messing around with the html of the pages and moving the php around is not that much of a problem. I've been doing that all over the place in the shop that I am building (www.ss-nl.com/gotika). But adding that email field, the radio buttons and having it correspond with the one submit button seems a bit more complicated.


Of course I could be very much mistaken. So maybe just a push in the right direction is enough.


Any tips?

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Well it is pretty easy really cos it is based on a form.


So as long as you get the right form parts in the right places you will be fine.


So just get the name of the form right, the method, the inputs etc etc etc...


You should be ok.



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