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The e-commerce.

Allow customer to choose the look of the store?


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Wouldn't it be cool to allow each visitor the ability to change the look (color scheme, categories listed) of the store - and even save this info in a cookie so they get the same layout each time?


Has this been discussed or worked on?


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It has been discussed before and most people agree it is a bad thing to do.

But it is quite easily accomplished by hacking one of the existing contributions that give Themes to the admin.




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I do exactly this on a (non-Osc) website - it actually sells website design servcies. Just to show what it is possible to do - when people try it they are amazed! WOW!


It sells the service...


It's simple to do, but you would need to strip out Osc main files a lot to get it all controlled by CSS. Not difficult to do.


Then you make a form with a couple of radio buttons and on form submit, set a cookie. Read the cookie in on the page, using a switch statement and you are done.


It's really very simple :) HTH

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Actually customer already controls the appearance by their own setting:


images on/off

stylesheet on/off or own stylesheet

pop-up windows on/off



But one simple way in the future to do this is to give alternative stylesheets like:


<link rel="alternate stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" title="bigtype" href="/stylesheet2.css" />


Does work for mozilla but I have no idea for the other browsers.

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I was thinking more of a customized store front than anything else. If some people are more into one category than another, they could choose to only display featured products from that category.


That's the type of stuff I was thinking about.


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