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The e-commerce.

Hello, everyone please commend my shop.


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Nice - I especially like the footer -very neat, and even more especially the newsletter manager.


Main hate is the blue graphic down the page :( and I would have made ebay a link off a banner in the footer so as to avoid the nead for a launch page but I guess it is all down to personal preference.



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It's a nice modification of the layout. :) ... however there is still some work to be done.


You have centered the header and assigned a fixed size to it. This looks bad on higher resolution having the header appear in the middle with a lot of white space on both sides, while the content is stretched all over the screen. I would suggest to apply a fixed size to your content table or stretch the header. :)


Play a bit with the stylesheet. The text in the top right corner is not legible. Dark links on a dark background is not the way to go.


The boxes don't have the same sizes making the layout a bit sloppy. Take a look at this page for instance:




Besides, I wonder why you display two images? :roll:


Like I said, it's a very nice start :), but I believe you are not finished yet.


Take care, Richard

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in the footer, the link to the wishlist hep labeled "Whats wishlist" just links to "http://www.blueskyshop.com/catalog/wishlist_help."... you forgot the php extension


also, looks like you forgot to edit http://www.blueskyshop.com/catalog/wishlist_help.php to match the rest of the sites main files.

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing

- Edmund Burke

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Thank you very much for everyone. Each commends are very useful.




I spent one month for mod oscommence. But I am very happy, I can done. But I will minor change for graphic in my oscommerce.


In the same time, I submit major search engine. ( I had website 3 year ago, It is easy to high traffic) But Now, It is not easy. However, I think It is a good start.



Thanks again,


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