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Suggestion to contrib authors.


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First I want to state that I do thank all of the authors hard work on the great contribs available for OSC. But I do have a suggestion for the authors.


I am seeing a lot of contrib authors that include edited OSC files in their contribs and then in the instructions to install the contrib they tell you to just "overwrite" your current file with the file in the contrib.


What if the file that you are overwriting already has a contrib added to it? What if the file you need to overwrite is not even the original but from another contrib you have already installed?


Most of the time I just dig through the code in the contrib file and add it by hand to the file that is already on the server. But what if the author of the contrib does not note the changes in his files?


Here is what I would like to suggest to the contrib authors.


#1 Instead of just adding edited OSC files in your contrib how about giving a add/replace example for those of us who cannot overwrite files?


And if you cannot do this at least....


#2 Not the code changes in your files so we can input them by hand into the files already in our stores.


I would suggest a CVS just for the contribs but that is another story. :)


Thank you for listening and keep up the great work!

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I couldn't agree with you more. :wink:


I've given up trying to add a lot of contributions for this very reason. I'd love to add some of Linda's work for example (not trying to pick on you in particular Linda - just the first one that popped into my head :wink: ) but there's not one comment in the whole lot of them. Sorry but Beyond Compare or the like is not an option for anyone running anything but a stock install.


IMHO if a person takes the time to bundle up a contribution they should at the very least be able to add simple comments to it. :?

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