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Wanted: OSCommerce Support Outsourcing Partner


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Greetings All!


Last time I posted here, somebody sent me an email, hitting me up for OSCommerce support services. At the time, I was mildly annoyed at the SPAM, so I'm sure I deleted it. However, now, I wish I hadn't.


I run a small web-hosting company (23 customers with 27 sites) mostly for entrepreneurs / one-person small businesses. OSCommerce comes as a standard install on our hosting platform. Currently, customers can install OSCommerce on their own through CPanel.


However, I just plain don't have the time to really be able to support OSCommerce on my own. I know that I could start running a sort of "flagship store" for one of my customers and use that to learn how to support it. But that would be very time-intensive and I believe it might snowball if other customers start expecting a high level of support on their stores as well.


So, I thought I'd post here and see if anyone would be interested in perhaps acting as my OSCommerce Support outsourcing partner. We can work on the details together, but I'd like to work out something where I can say to my clients "Hey, we now support OSCommerce" and be able to back it up.


Ideally, I'd like such a partner to:

1) Be there for me to call upon when an OSCommerce project or one-time-job or sudden fix-it emergency comes up.

2) Be prompt in all email communications, especially with customers.

3) Act proactively, building an OSCommerce portion to our online FAQ and/or writing a first-time OSCommerce Admin guide.

4) Possibly even act proactively, building small video tutorials on how to do certain specific, common OSCommerce features/functions.


(The first two are my bare-bones needs. The other two are optional.)


Since my company is small, my budget isn't huge. However, if I have help on this, that will give me the time I need to manage the sales and marketing portion of the business. So, God-willing, this could theoretically grow into more steady work.


We can work out the details when we talk via email.


If you're interested in discussing this with me further, please email me at:




Thank you!


-= Dave =-

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