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Batch orders, then update order status in one go


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Firstly let me apologise if there is already a topic on this subject i've used the search and coundn't find it, if anybody knows the link let me know.


Does anyone have a solutions to the following:


1) Assign a batch number to orders

2) Update the order status of a whole batch in one go (each customer should be emailed with the new status automatically)


Thanks in advance and well done to the osCommerce team and its contributors, i've looked through alot of the posts on this community support site and see some people complaingin for one reason or another! They don't realise how good they have it! The phrase 'don't bite the hand that feeds you!' comes to mind. So, THANK YOU OSC! :D

Reddy to Rumble


Thank you osCommerce and all who Contribute to her!

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You could do it fairly easy with a script that just checks for orders that match a certain daterange (like all todays orders with pending) and then updates them in a loop.



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