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Newbie Questions and Observations


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Just getting started and I've made a couple of observations of things that perhaps can be changed, but so far I've not figured out how.


1. Is there a way to remove the number of product count that displays with the product catagories in the "Catagories" block? It generally causes the line to wrap and take away from the looks and I really don't see what purpose it serves.


2. I'm disappointed in the way the price is displayed. Until you log in so that it can tell if you are a taxable person or not, it displays the price "including" tax. This is very misleading, especially on higher priced products, and could chase off people just surfing the site. Obviously, a comment can be added but a lot of people won't bother with the comment and look only at the large price figure.


3. Problem encountered, but might have been me. I removed all of the currencies under "Localazation"/"Currencies except US $. When I did, it wouldn't work and gave me a page full of errors. Any thoughts?


I'm sure there are more, but like I said, I'm just getting started and these were some of the first observations I made. I'm much more interested in how the site works for the customer than the technical side, and I need it to be as user friendly and easy to translate as possible.


Thanks ahead of time for any comments, suggestions, or ideas.



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#1 - I see this is your first post. Welcome to OSC.

#2 - Read the OSC guide @ http://guide.oscdox.com

#3 - If you search for all these 'problems' you see, you will find a resolution to each and everyone of them.

#4 - If you can't find a resolution, search again here.

#5 - If you still can't find a resolution, (as i know searching can be difficult at times) - feel free to post your question here again.

#6 - Welcome, again!

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