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The e-commerce.

help..simple fix for email need guidance


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my host says i cannot send email to address unless a parameter is speciify in the first or fifth of the mail send ... heres a cut and paste of what they require :


In order for the script to work, you need to specify, via a fifth -f parameter, the domain from which the mail is being sent. The PHP component uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), and all Fasthosts' SMTP servers have filters which ensure that the data returned by either the first or fifth mail parameter relates to one of your domains hosted by Fasthosts.



mail( "yourname@yourdomain.com", "Feedback Form Results",

$message, "From: $email", "-fuser@userdomain.com" );

header( "Location: http://www.yourdomain.com/thankyou.html" );





HOW can i implement this intot eh email construct for oscommerce...


im suppsoed to go liove this week and emails are not working still!

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im wondering if gerneal.php is where i might need to change some stuff...


ive tested the flag on another script i use and it now sends emails i put it as the fifth paremater inthe mail() send


but am still unsure of how to make thesechanges to oscommerce..


thank you to anyone who can find a solution!!!

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