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Shipping table rates


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I'm looking to implement a shipping system whereby:


The shipping cost varies by total order price according to whether the customer lives in the UK, Europe, or Overseas.


I have read the forums and know that the best way to do this is to make duplicates of the table shipping module for each region, and I have tried to follow Linda McGrath's advice about making duplicates of the module and renaming the globals and constants, but I keep getting errors like


'The table shoptest.UK_SHIPPING_CONFIGURATION does not exist'


etc at the checkout.


I was wondering if someone could say step by step exactly how I can duplicate the table shipping module three times to acheive what I want. From reading the forums, it seems that lots of other people would also find this useful.




Evan Brown

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ok the International Shipping Zones module does almost what I want, but I want the prices based on total order price not weight. Any ideas about how to change this? I'm going to have a bash myself but any help much appreciated.

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Bit of a cheat, but you could set the weight of the product exactly the same as the price of the product...


Then use the zone shipping on weight...which will give the same effect as using it on price..



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Thanks for the reply Burt. I will try that.


Would you know about duplicating the table module as a more permanent, or at least 'comfortable' solution ? :)

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How did you get on with making the weight and price the same as the products? Is it the best solution you have found so far?


I take it that you can choose not to show the weight if it is entered?





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