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Directory Error Problem !


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I found an error only happen, with basm.be ( where my site Host ):evil:


Its trying to:-

e.g. The file - application.php which is in 'catalog/includes/' try to call the file - add_application_top.php which is at the same directory, by using this - require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'add_application_top.php');


So it end up calling from this ---> catalog/includes/includes/add_application_top.php,


Which is no such a directory!


do you know any setting to adjust this problem ?


I have try make a directory in it, i will work. But not all !

Also the OCS is work fine on, This just only happen when I host with basm.be,


hoping there is a way to sort this, :cry:


Many thanx

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Sorry , i have miss typed ! :wink: :stupid:


The actual error is like this:- :arrow:


Warning :!: : main(includes/functions/output.php)

[function.main]: failed to create stream: No such file or directory



When --> "application.php" which is in

" /www1/K/kfong/web/www.halfbase.com/catalog/install/includes/ "


Calling a "output.php" which is in

"/www1/K/kfong/web/www.halfbase.com/catalog/install/includes/functions/ "


:idea: from the "application.php" itself :!:


End up :arrow: looking like this:


"/www1/K/kfong/web/www.halfbase.com/catalog/install/includes/includes/functions/ "


So, of course error will happen :nervous: :roll: Anyone know how this would be solve :?: is it something to do with Virtual Directory Disabled :?:

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I would just drop the automatic install, which is not really necessary.


Can you try a direct install? It's not very complex and it seems you have all required information.


Edit catalog/includes/configure.php and add your server name, directory, and MySQL parameters.


Don't bother with admin at the beginning. It will be simple when catalog is working.

Christian Lescuyer

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