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The e-commerce.

Will it work with what??


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Hi everyone


Ok, I don't know much about this stuff. I've spent time reading a lot of the posts and looking over the contributions. I even have someone who installed everything for me so I could get my site up and running and helped me with modifications so it would look the way (almost) that we wanted. Now.... based on what I've read and what my needs are, I want to install the member discount contribution, the Credit Class/GV 4.1 contribution, and the discount coupon contributions. Here's his question to me....

"A statement in the install.txt file of the discount module concerns


""this version of the disount coupon is for the osCommerce new checkout.

i.e. Snapshots after 4th November 2002""

"That's a pretty recent date and I'm fairly certain our version isn't

that recent. Will this module work with our version or is there a

version of the module which will work with our version?"


Would I be correct in telling him since we did our initial installation back at the beginning of October 2002 that we would need to update our installation to the most recent snapshop before installing the mentioned contribution modules? Or will the contributions work with our current snapshot?



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Yes, you do need to update to the most recent checkout procedure in order to install the contributions that you mentioned. The most recent checkout updates many of the customer fields.


Upgrading to the new version really isn't very difficult, provided your site is not too heavily modified. I updated the checkout procedure on my site in about an hour.


There are some good threads on updating to the new checkout. I'll see if I can find you some.



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Really about the only modifications that were made were to remove a couple of boxes here and there that we didn't need on our main page. Other than that, the only other modification that has been made has been to add the shipping as a percentage of product price contribution which replaces the weight field.

His concern about doing the update for me is that he is not at all familiar with the workings of the cart, and is a little leary about doing the update because it is currently in production and if something goes wrong, could our cart unusable for an extended period of time while he figures out what went wrong. I found reference after doing some more research to the OSCdox guide at http://guide.oscdox.com. Would this be useful documentation to use in installing the update as he is more than familiar with html, php, and all that other Greek stuff that I know nothing about :) ?

Our only other course of action of course would be to contract with someone else to make the update. Any suggestions on who, how, where and all that stuff?



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