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Adding Another Step To Checkout Procedure


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I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on this concern. I would like to offer my customers the ability to select a warranty package during their checkout procedure. It would be a standard choice depending on the item. For instance, if an item was priced over $200, the warranty would be $20; whereas an item priced less than $199 would be $10.


I'd like for this to happen during the checkout procedure as an extra step. Please help.



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Look at checkout_confirmation.php

First a simple php code to check for the amount the warranty will cost, then add a checkbox saying: [ ] Add warranty - $xxx


Then use the order_total class to add that value to the order total. That way it will show up on all the related pages.




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Thanks for the help Mattice. I'm a complete novice at PHP. Is there any place or resource where I could find a sample snippet of code that might help me create the code you suggest? Or maybe an example in the existing osC pages?



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There is a place to set up options or attributes in the admin, like you might have a shirt that comes in sevearal different colors, so you would list that item and then you can have an dropdown box for customers to select different colors, they can also have added priceing.Play around with the attributes in admin, and you will see. It should do just what you want.

Customer selects your product, then he can select the warranty option if he wants it.

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