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Keeping shoping cart values in DB or files?


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I noticed that all cart values are put into table in the db.


I'm curious if the database ever erases these values, or if they stay in there for ever? Is ther a timer one can set...say if the value of the cart are in the db for more than 5hrs they are removed....


seems like the db would grow HUGE very quickly.

I need to read the rules more often...

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I'm happy with it just the way it is. The shopping cart is stored in the DB as text so it would take a while to really get unruly. Besides if I have an account at a store that means that I have purchased something. And, I would like to maybe purchase more. I may just go ahead and put the item I want in either a wishlist or in my shopping cart for later refrence. I wouldn't want it to just delete itself after a few hours. Most customers will delete the item they don't want anyway. Besides, if the DB get to unruly, go into admin and delete the accounts that have been idol, or no login, for, let say, 6 months or a year, maybe even two.



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