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Zones - how do they work?


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Hi all,


I am trying to find out some information on how the Locations/Taxes and the options of Countries, Zones, Tax Zones, Tax Classes and Tax Rates affect the running of an osCommerce site.


My site is UK based, and although the default installation of osCommerce comes with all countries installed, together with preinstalled Zones - what exactly do I need to alter and change around for a site in the UK?


At the moment, I am getting an error when somebody tries to register with the site. For example I type in Northamptonshire as my County, but it throws up an error and asks me to select my county from a drop down menu, and that menu only contains just the three or four test zones I have been setting up - none of the pre-installed Zones are visible.


Do I need to set up a zone for United Kingdom, containing all counties, or can I set it up so that it doesn't matter whether the county entered is listed on my site or not?

Struggling a bit with this one, so thanks in advance.



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You don't _need_ to set up the counties. It's only useful to do that if you depend on correct county names for another purpose (eg shipping).

Hi Burt,


Thanks for that (and the PM), Burt. The countries are not really causing me any problems - and I will probably leave the option for people to register in Antartica if they want to! :lol: I am getting an error with the County part - which is causing me some confusion. Because I have Northampton set up as a zone - it works. But if people correctly put in Northamptonshire, but for which I don't have a zone set up - it errors - making me think I need to input all Counties?


Or maybe I just need to delete the 3 or 4 test zones I have set up?




PS: Book about to be purchased ;)

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