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The e-commerce.

Live site need some feedback


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Hello Joe ?


I really like your graphics and the colors ? and what you have done with the info boxes is really cool. However, there is a couple of suggestions I have.


1) I think you need to take out the right side column ? instead, place it?s contents on the left under or above you main menu. This will allow your main page to be viewable within a 800x600 view as well as help balance out the other pages because they are so long.

2) I see that you have not replaced the icon images ? They do not seem to match the rest of the site, if you could find other ones, or make them to match better (ie, change color within a graphics program ? or add a shadow and fade them)

3) You question your FAQ?s ? as do I ? I do not like how they extend past the 800x600 view (I know I?m picky *grins*), but the layout is different as familiar, so that works well. I?m not sure if you could add the same contents box tree within the left column or not. If you knew, how I would suggest doing that. Sorry I have other suggestions of this one, if I think of anything good I?ll be sure to post again.

4) Oh, this is nothing major, but your title image above the Cart Contents link is offset just a tad. Might what to look into that (yes picky me again *giggles*)


I do really like what you have done ? great work!! :D



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This is the kind of feed back I was waiting for

I am currently working on the Icons

I am with you on the 800x600 I am decently going to take the right side and add it to the left content.

however I was trying to save some time on the faq I guess it is going to take me a week to do that thing -:(


thanks that was very helpful



_______ :wink: :lol: _______

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Is the cPanel open source, or did you write it?


I'd be interested in testing that if you have a demo login. (you may have had the demo login in the page, I just didn't look very close. The picture is what really caught my attention.)



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