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Strange problem with header/checkout links


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Somehow an extra directory is being added to the path for My Account, Cart Contents and Checkout.


My cart is installed in the shopping directory, but the link now goes to:




What would be adding the "backup" directory? I haven't made anything but minor cosmetic changes since this was last working...can anyone give me a clue of where to start looking for this?


The HTML source shows the link correctly, but when hovering over the link or clicking on it the "backup" directory is added.


I don't even have a "backup" directory, so I'm not sure how that could have gotten in anything.


Can anyone suggest where I could start to look to fix this problem?


Any help is greatly appreciated!!



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Have a look at the code in catalog/includes/header.php  Is it possible it hiding in there?? :D


Thanks for the reply...that's where I thought it would be, but it's not...


I got the links working again, I remembered I had tried turning on the search engine safe URLs to see what it did, if anything....I turned them off, the links work again, but the path still includes the backup directory.


It's the strangest thing...not sure where it's coming from, I did a search of all of the files and the only file that even includes the word "backup" is the backup.php file which I haven't changed.


I guess if it works I should just leave well enough alone, huh? :wink:



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