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The e-commerce.

just a thought, will it work?


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Hello all,

Well I have to admit that i'm not that great at writing php although thanks to OSCommerce I am making some improvements.


I was thinking of doing a shopping mall, and I read some of the threads about it a while ago, and i've been waiting since then for a contribution, or a way that would do what I'm looking for, but it just came to my mind the following idea.


What would happen if I upload and install x times osCommerce on a server with a different CNAME for each of the stores. I would let all the stores share the same database, but I would add new tables for products, specials, categories, catgories description etc... (all the tables I don't want to share between a store and another) and give them another name, ie categories_store_x, products_store_x. I would then for each store rename in my php code the name of each of the table I want my store x to read (ie define table products_store_x). Do you think the idea could work, especially if I share the same tables for the shopping cart, user accounts, addresses, etc... and will I be able to switch stores and keep the contents of the shopping cart the same from one store to another, so that I could do one signout from the same account.


Just a thought that came to mind, and figured i'd asked before trying to do it and try to have it work without the results I'll expect. Do you think it could work, and did someone try it before?

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This type of thing has been tried before... I have done it myself, so it can work.... I know there is a thread or two on this in the archives of the old forum... there is also at least one mall contribution in downloads/contributions

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Hello I already tried the virtuall mall, but it isn't exactly what I am looking for, as I want every store to have it's own site and layout. And I read a few threads about shopping malls, but I don't think I got an answer for what exactly I was looking for, although it seemed that Ajeh's mall was close to what I am trying to do.


Thanks Johnson for your reply, I think i'll give it a try, anyway I am curious to try it for myself and see the result i'll get. Can you provide a link for me to see what you did using that solution.

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