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easy populate error


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Now that I think about it, I believe dynamic mo pics requires adding to product_info.php. I guess I put it in the wrong part...I'll have to try to fix that when I get off work


Yes it does and for every language too. Check your <table> tags layout...



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The other question I have is why does it say coming soon on product info page and how to get rid of it??


If I haven't said it enough......Thank you!


You really need to read the manuals. Read the text file that comes with dynamic mo pics.



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I fixed the coming soon and column problems. I guess I need to do more work on my spreadsheet cause only some of the descriptions are making it whole and some get cutoff part way. I also have several products that are in the database 5-6 times due to my reuploading the file. I saw several people were having problems with duplicate products. I just haven't had time to read that thread yet. This file I got is being a real pain, hope the next one's I get are better!!! At least it's doing what it's supposed to, I just have to get the spreadsheet set up properly. Next task is add Big Images and then set up for MS1.

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Time to move some of your questions to other threads, this is getting off topic for ep :)


And do your READing BEFORE your psot questions please, please, please.


Gentle reminder, OK?

[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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I just haven't had time to read that thread yet.


I know the urge is to "install and go" but just look at how much time has been involved in sorting out issues. It takes 10 minutes to read the manual and get an understanding. 30 seconds for the text file that comes with the image mod.


I cannot back loxly enough. Read up and become your own expert. Its worth it in the end.


"duplicate products" ... impossible if you follow how to setup correctly with EP. Its a database thing! The db will not allow duplicate records... it will allow duplicate product names though... hint!





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I understand the concept of read first and ask second, and I try that as much as I can, but with a fulltime job, a wife, a son and a home business, there just aren't enough hours in the day......learning this could easily be a fulltime job.


I appreciate the time and frustration you deal with answering the same questions 15 million times. I try to help, by answering the easy questions, ones that I know the answer to, so that you guru's can use your time to answer the more difficult ones. I know this has been said a thousand times, but, the search function needs major improvement.


I just want to say once again, that I truly do appreciate your time and patience. Have a good weekend

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I have managed to get EP to upload and download my database with big images in both MS1 and MS2, however, The problem is EP is putting the products in the wrong categories. All I did was download my current products base, clean out the database and then upload it again. You can see what I mean here http://www.mrsfieldsgoodies.com/catalog/in...dex.php?cPath=1

I don't have the pics uploaded yet

I have 2 versions of MS2 and 1 version MS1(live) and the problem occurs on all of them. Since my MS1 site is live,I'm going to restore my database.

please help.....

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I receive the following errors when I try Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit


Create Complete tab-delimited .txt file in temp dir


1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_caratweight' in 'field list'


SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.products_image as v_products_image, p.products_price as v_products_price, p.products_weight as v_products_weight, p.products_date_available as v_date_avail, p.products_date_added as v_date_added, p.products_tax_class_id as v_tax_class_id, p.products_quantity as v_products_quantity, p.manufacturers_id as v_manufacturers_id, p.products_caratweight as v_products_caratweight, p.products_gemlength as v_products_gemlength, p.products_gemwidth as v_products_gemwidth, p.products_gemheight as v_products_gemheight, p.products_dim_type as v_products_dim_type, p.products_length as v_products_length, p.products_width as v_products_width, p.products_height as v_products_height, subc.categories_id as v_categories_id, p.products_status as v_status FROM products as p, categories as subc, products_to_categories as ptoc WHERE p.products_id = ptoc.products_id AND ptoc.categories_id = subc.categories_id




any suggestions on fixing this?


this is an old problem that has been fixed with the updated downloads. Make sure you are using a current, fixed version.

I'm getting the same error, and this is with the most current version of OSC and Easypopulate that was available.


I see referances to checking the mysql database to see if the field of the unknown colum is there. How do you get your spreadsheet datafields into your mysql database to begin with? I thought that EasyPopulate was supposed to do that for you?





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I change alle the ' by \' and it is th same pb. the products aren't in the reight categories and the name of categories aren't correct. Some taxes nemae are in categories, theres is a shift.


I don't understand. Someone ?

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The first thing you need to do is to go to easy populate, and click on "Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit".


Then open this txt file in Excel, and follow the column names exactly. In order! In fact, it is easier if you copy your data and then paste it in the appropriate columns in this downloaded txtr file. Make absolutely certain that the ERROR column is there! EP will not work without it.


You don't have to use all of the columns, but you do need to match your data with the appropriate column names. Once you have completed the changes to the downloaded file, save it to your hard drive. Then ftp this newly updated txt file to your temp folder in catalog/temp folder (make sure this folder's chmoded to 777)


Once you have uploaded this txt file to your temp folder, go back to EasyPopulate in your admin and type the folders name exactly as you saved it into "Import from Temp Dir (/temp/)"


Also, make sure that in easypopulate.php you have set your Temp Directory path to:


$tempdir = "/temp/";

$tempdir2 = "/temp/";


Now click "Insert into db", and see what happens.


One thing you have to make sure of, is that all of your column data is whre it is supposed to be before you upload your txt file to your temp folder. And again, you must make absolutely certain that ERROR is at the end of EVERY row, including the row that contains your column names.


If you have any more problems, please post them here, and we will try to help.


Tom B)


Ain't Life Grand?!!!

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Sorry, it's EOREOR, NOT error


Oh, one other thing, instead clicking on "Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit" try "Create Complete tab-delimited .txt file in temp dir" , download it using your ftp program, and open THIS in Excel. This will give you all of the column names att he top without the data, and you can fill i the data where you need, and delete the columns you don't need.


Just remember that EOREOR must be in the last column in EVERY row containing any data!!!!!!!!!!!


That's EOREOR (not error, sorry)


Also, v_products_model MUST be in the FIRST column!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tom B)


Ain't Life Grand?!!!

Edited by ashinco
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Hi, all. Easy populate, now with attribute support! Woohoo! I haven't used this for awhile because of lots of options. Easypopulate v2.72-MS2 is working well with one of the sites I do, but another one will not let me download it if I am trying to download all of the product options. This site has a lot of product options set up, and yes I read where Excel can only handle 256 columns. I may or may not have that many columns.


My question is why I can't download the complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit, even if it is possible that I exceed what Excel is capable of. Can these files get too large to download? If so, is it possible to split them like we do in uploading?


Thank you everyone who has been involved in making Easy Populate a world-class contribution.



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