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Shipping from multiple origins


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I've run into a problem with the store I"m trying to create and thought it might be something that should be a feature.


The store is basically reselling items from various distributors. The problem: OSC calculates all shipping costs from a single ZIP code when using USPS/UPS/etc...


I added a distribuitor id to all the products in the store, but looking at the shipping modules to try to get them to take different origin ZIP codes into account scares me ;)

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This is something I'm interested in as well (and may actually work on in the future).


I don't have answers - I have questions. :D


What would shipping be based on if a customer ordered say 5 items from 5 different vendors? Would you expect them to pay 5 different shipping charges? Is the customer going to feel penalized and be angry that they are being punished for the way you have decided to run your business? How best to let a customer know beforehand that's what's going to happen? I (as a customer) would probably abandon the cart if I hit the end and realized I was being dinged for that much shipping.


Are there any other examples like this out there somewhere that anyone knows about? How do other sites handle this situation?


I have a zillion different drop-ship vendors that I use but I've resigned to charging one shipping amount (even offering free shipping over $100) and eating the balance myself. I've also increased my prices slightly to compensate some. IMHO customers are happier paying extra if they don't realize they're paying extra (what they don't know won't hurt them). :wink:


Just trying to get a handle on all this myself. Your insight (and anyone else's here) would be much appreciated.

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Well I don't have an answer here either. I have also set up my store for multiple distributors. I would look into with you guys if I thought it was worth the time and money. With the little traffic I have now, it isn't. I figure if I add a few bucks on to the shipping with UPS ground, it should cover things ok. If I lose a few bucks, I'm not going to cry about it. Also, someone has to buy two items from different distributors. That's pretty rare.


I don't know. Just my two cents.


However, if there is a serious effort put into this, keep me in touch, I'd like to help. It may be tricky, because we've probably all set up multiple distributors in totally different ways.


-Dave 8)

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I am very interested in making multiple origin shipping work.


We sell an array of products from an array of manufacturers. For example, a typical order may consist of 3 different products each with their own origin zip code.


I've been mulling it over, but I'm not an ace php programmer (yet!).


For a given order, I want to calculate the shipping for each item as if it were the only item on the order. (Ex: 3 different items = 3 different shipping lookups) Then sum these amounts and present the result as the shipping cost of the order.


I've added a field "products_origin_zip" to the products table, but I quickly became overwhelmed by the task of calculating shipping for each individual item on the order.


Is anyone else interested in this approach? I need a php-coder buddy to help me learn and figure this out.



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