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The e-commerce.

? instead of currency


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When the customer receives his confirmation order mail, he gets ? instead of the currency, see example below -->


Order Number: 1

Detailed Invoice: http://www.belg.nu/catalog/account_history....php?order_id=1

Date Ordered: Thursday 30 January, 2003




1 x Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer = ?71.68


Sub-Total: ?71.68

Tax: ?15.05

Total: ?86.73



How can i solve this problem ?

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Probably the EURO symbol, I think I read somewhere that depending upon how you have your browser/mail client set up you won't be able to see it.


I *think* there is a patch at www.microsoft.com (for IE/OE obviously).



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it isn't the fault of my emailclient because i am testing it for administrator as customer, and the administrator gets the symbol but the customer doesn't. I receive both those emails at the same time in the same emailclient

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  • 1 month later...

I have the same problem with the ?. Admin and the Site

displays the ? but in the emails sent to the customers I

see ? 34,00 instead ?34,00.


I think this is a osCommerce, database or PHP problem,

searching, searching, searching. . .


Other emails from other sites with prices displaying the ?

in the emails, only osCommerce doesn't


Hope we will find where the problem is very soon.

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The only solution is to change the ? to Euro before the email

is send. This hack below will do that but keeps you shop looks like

? 20,00



This is checkkout_proces.php



if ($order->content_type != 'virtual') {

$email_order .= "n" . EMAIL_TEXT_DELIVERY_ADDRESS . "n" .


tep_address_label($customer_id, $sendto, 0, '', "n") . "n";



$email_order .= "n" . EMAIL_TEXT_BILLING_ADDRESS . "n" .


tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, 0, '', "n") . "nn";

if (is_object($$payment)) {

$email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD . "n" .


$payment_class = $$payment;

$email_order .= $payment_class->title . "nn";

if ($payment_class->email_footer) {

$email_order .= $payment_class->email_footer . "nn";




// Starts conferting ? symbol to Euro

$email_order = str_replace("? ","Euro ",$email_order);


// ends conferting ? symbol to Euro



When you want to replace the ? to Euro in the emails you

use the nice add-om like above in checkout_proces.php



When you want to add a space aftre the ? you change in admin

symbol left ? to ?  You will get a space after the ? on your site

like : ? 20,00



When you change checkout_proces.php like above the email looks like

this Euro  20,00 checkout_proces.php to the code below


// start hack

$email_order = str_replace("? ","Euro ",$email_order);

// end hack



Your email now looks like this: Euro 20,00


It's very simple . . .


Ooooooooo zo simpel is het he....


Het ? symbool is klootte... En je moet er voor Klootte om er wat van

te kunnen maken..... AH heeft er ook al problemen mee....

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