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Problem with Downloads


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I have searched through the various forums, but have not found any answer to my specific problem, which is this:


My osCommerce version is 2.2rc2a, and I have followed the instructions for making a file available for download to be found in the topic: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;hl=downloads.


My file is apparently available for download, and (using either PayPal or Cheque/Money order as the payment method), I get to the point where my order is accepted and confirmed; but then I get this error:


"1054 - Unknown column 'os.downloads_flag' in 'where clause'


select date_format(o.date_purchased, '%Y-%m-%d') as date_purchased_day, opd.download_maxdays, op.products_name, opd.orders_products_download_id, opd.orders_products_filename, opd.download_count, opd.download_maxdays from orders o, orders_products op, orders_products_download opd, orders_status os where o.customers_id = '2' and o.orders_id = '52' and o.orders_id = op.orders_id and op.orders_products_id = opd.orders_products_id and opd.orders_products_filename != '' and o.orders_status = os.orders_status_id and os.downloads_flag = '1' and os.language_id = '1'"


... then no download link. I am not at all familiar with how to access or manage MySQL databases, but I SUSPECT that this error is to do with the database itself. I have no idea how to get beyond this problem

Any help out there, please?

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