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table rate shipping by weight


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After initially behaving in a bizarre manner, osC now seems to almost work with table rate shipping by weight, BUT, there are still some issues (bugs?) that I am very unsure of. Perhaps others more knowledgeable in this area might be able to enlighten me.


What is 'tare package weight'?

I assume that's the weight of basic packaging.


Is it added to every order?


What is 'percentage increase for larger packages'?

Larger than what?

Percentage of what?

I imagine this provides an increase in order weight to allow for heavier packaging, but it leaves a number of questions unanswered.


Whether ranges are <= or simply < the upper level is somewhat ambibuous.

The text on the page indicates the former, but my testing indicates the latter. Can anyone confirm?


What happens when order weight is greater than the 'max package weight'?

osC seems to create 2 packages of equal weights, which is unlikely to be the most cost effective. Is this indeed what it attempts to do and does it include the 'tare' weight and/or any 'percentage increase' that has been applied?


If 'percentage increase' is set to larger than 2, any order that weighs 27, 28 or 29 shows shipping as 0.00.

Is this due to the 'max package weight' setting at 30, or what?


Why did someone post in another thread that products should all have a weight specified as more than 1?


Could sure do with some answers on these.



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