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The e-commerce.

This one is driving me nuts! (and it's a very short drive)


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I am using Win98SE with IE6 and osC (much modified with contribs) from 12/17/2002.


I am starting with a clean browser (history, cookies, internet saved files all cleared - browser closed and then re-opened) opening to google for a home page.


There are 2 situations occurring that I can't understand (maybe someone out there can 'splain to me).


1) When I enter my webpage address in the browser without the 'www' and no slash following the 'catalog' directory, the page resolves to the address with 'www'. If I enter it with the trailing slash (catalog/), the page resolves without the 'www' in the address.


(This next one is more concerning for search engines' sake)


2) Again starting with a clean session on the browser, this will happen no matter how I address the site as described above. The first page opening (index.php) has session numbers attached to all of the products. If I click the back button to go to the previous page (google), and then forward to return to the index.php page, or if I refresh the page, the session numbers are gone and the items all just show the path to each item (ie: http://farmex.now.tc/catalog/product_info....products_id=167 which is what I want).


Any ideas why this is happening and how to correct it? (The WWW link is on the bar below)

... if you want to REALLY see something that doesn't set up right out of the box without some tweaking,

try being a Foster Parent!

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