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Different base (defoult) currency for each product


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Hello all,


hopefully anyone can help me here:



The products on my shop will be sold to one country with one currencies (RON). My suppliers give me the products in 3 currencies (EURO, USD, RON).


First question:

How can I set different base currencies for each products?


Second question:

Can I update the price automatically through rate exchange?




I have 3 products in my shop:

1. Product A which cost 4.3 RON, 1 EURO, 1.34 USD

2. Product B which cost 3.2 RON, 0.74 EURO, 1 USD

3. Product C which cost 1RON, 0.235 EURO, 0.31USD


the rate exchange is:



My supplier sell product A in EURO, product B in USD, products C in RON. The prices in my shop are in RON. After I changed the rate exchange EURO/RON, USD/RON, I want to automatically update the price for product A, product B, product C.


I hope i explained it all clear. Thank you in advance for any help or directions you can offer.

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You need to set the price of the prodcuts for what the default currency of your website is. The code in oscommerce will handle the conversion. For updating, you can do that manually in admin or install a script that does it automatically. See Auto Update Currencies in My AddOns.



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Thanks Jack,


I have some products with "base" prices in EURO and some products with "base" prices in USD. IN my shop I want to have all prices in RON (first/principal prices), and secondary prices in EURO or USD depends on products, and third prices in USD or EURO depends on products.


Now I can set the prices/currency of the producuts throughout the site.


I want to set different currency throughout the products, in the same site I want to have one product in EURO and one product in USD.


I hope i explained it all clear. Thank you in advance for any help or directions you can offer.

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I am looking to do this for a client. I haven't found a mod that will do this already. I believe the following things will need to be incorporated:


Extra fields in products (base_price, base_currency for example).

These will then need to editable in admin/catalog.php


Then, there are a couple of ways of changing the product price in relation to the other currencies (including the base currency of the store).


a-> Set up a script to update the normal price (default store currency) once a day using the exchange rates set in OSC.

b-> Modify includes/classes/currency.php so that it looks at the products table first and if a different currency to the store currency is set, then it converts the price based on that.


I'd certainly be interested to see if anyone has already done this - as I can't find the addon; or if anyone has any input on this.



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