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The e-commerce.

I really like this site


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The webmaster has got good functionality.


The cat. tabs work properly (no matter how deep within the site you are)


Best sellers test lines and cart product lines are truncated.


Looks really neat and must have taken awhile to do !

Special Effects / 3d + Flash

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true , but simple fast stores work the best.


Look at the famous online bookshop (.......... .com).


Simple interface (works on my dial-up fine).


No major animations sound clips.


The site has evolved over the last 5 years, but still is simple.


A lot of the work goes into crafting the site.


I suppose if you plan plan and plan before hand you get a 100% layout design. Trouble is a lot of people sit staring at the monitor for hours .


Sketch out your site before you touch the mouse !


Good Luck

Special Effects / 3d + Flash

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The site is really good and its works nicely.


I need to know, how has he implemented CSS with PHP . I viewed the source file and it did not contain any php. It was linked to CSS Style sheet and a base href to the main link.

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I wanted to know as how did they design it. Can the effect be achieved by changing the present stylesheet of osCommerce or should it be done by creating a new style sheet.


If you have the images for all of the backgounds you could use the present stylesheet with color and font changes. There are still HTML changes to be made to achieve that style also.

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But that site hasnt changed just the colors and fonts. It has designed it from all over again with another stylesheet and linking it to oscommerce.


I am not a PHP programmer, but i know how to design in HTML and a bit of CSS.


I wanted to know as how can the changes be made, i.e. should it be made through an Editor or should it be manually.


Also, would i have to change all the php files acording to the main one.

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Completely changing OSC to a custom design is a TON of work. There are very few files that go untouched. I'm in the middle of one right now and I'm about to claw my own eyes out. :shock: Luckily it's my own - if it was for a client I'd have told them to stuff it. :D


Quick roadmap of files that change (not necessarily a complete list - others experiences may differ):


1) Literally every file in the root

2) /includes/boxes/*.php

3) /includes/classes/boxes.php

4) /includes/modules/*.php

5) /includes/header.php, footer.php, column_left.php, column_right.php

6) Any and all language files you want to change

7) Any other odds and ends I've missed.


I use Dreamweaver (cause I like the purty colors :P ) but any old editor from Notepad on up will do. I do all my work in source mode anyway. The more time you spend looking at the code line-by-line the easier it will get. Just ignore the actual PHP code and concentrate on the HTML. You don't want to mess much with the PHP until you're comfortable with what it actually does.


Still like the idea? :shock: :lol:

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The learning curve for a standard looking Osc store is virtually non-existant. The learning curve for making a store that looks different is very very steep.


For anyone who doesn't code for a living, it will take weeks and weeks of blood, sweat and tears to come up with a design and implement it fully into Oscommerce.


Having said that, for a developer, it would take a few hours to do the same work, though of course the developer would expect to be paid.


So, the choices are;


- bog standard install, couple of stylesheet chages, new logo. DIY, easy.

- install, hang around the fourms, ask questions, start to change the appearance of your store, a lot of time but quite easy.

- bespoke looking site from ground up. Not easy, lots of time to DIY.


It may work out cheaper (in the long run) to employ a developer to make you a good looking site. The one in the example, is not a lot of work, it is mainly the graphics that will take up most of the time, the actual code does not look to be all that different to a stock install...



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What if i only need to change the graphics, mainly of the Info Boxes. Would i have to go through php or just stick with CSS and make the desired changes by making designing graphics and assinging them CSS Selectors on each cell of the table.

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