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Add text to Model Number


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Hi Everyone ~ I need a little help. I am trying to add the word "Model" to my 'products_model' on the product_info page. I would like it to read [Model 323] (or whatever the number happens to be). Everything I have tried hasn't worked.


I found this http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/254 and I created a MODEL_PREFIX in the english.php like it states.


This is what I have in my product_info.php file:


if (tep_not_null($product_info['products_model'])) {

$products_name = $product_info['products_name'] . '<br><span class="smallText">[' . $product_info['products_model'] . ']</span>';

} else {

$products_name = $product_info['products_name'];



Am I in the right place? How do I get the word "Model" within the brackets along with the number? I would also like to enlarge the text for this just slightly.


Next issue: Is there a way to have the products_model show in the shopping cart for our customers use. Our products are basically identified by model number and not so much by product name... also the same for the Order History box - I would like this to be number instead of name.


Thanks for all your help,


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Ok - I found this and got the Model Number added to the shopping cart http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5381 ~ Perfect...


I also figured out how to enlarge the text of that model number - I just created a SmallTextNew in the sytlesheet and changed that info in product_info.php


As far as adding the prefix Model to the model number... I guess I'm just going to have to go through and add the word Model in front of each model number in the catalog dbase... unless someone knows how to do it otherwise.


Now, I would like to know...

1) can I change the Order History info box (left column) from product name to product model?

2) can I change the Cart info box (left column) from product name to product model?


I'm still researching, but it takes me hours... if anyones knows I would greatly appreciate it.




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I think I had a wish like yours 'Model' ... I wanted the phrase Part # in front of the products_model, this was achieved by editing the product_info.php (I'm totally pleased with the phrase only there, no need to carry it over to the cart.


If you wish to do the same, here is how I did it:


Find this line: $products_name = $product_info['products_name'] . '<br><span class="smallText">[ ' . $product_info['products_model'] . ']</span>';


Change to: $products_name = $product_info['products_name'] . '<br><span class="smallText">[Model ' . $product_info['products_model'] . ']</span>';


Hope it helps

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