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Payment Information Question


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Up until recently, we have been storing customers credit card information in encrypted form to be processed manually and then would delete the information. But recently we upgraded our credit card processing machine and it now requires us to insert the three digit security code. Having browsed the forums for information on this, I realize there is no simple solution to this as it is illegal to store that information in a database even for an instant, so I have been thinking about moving to one of the automatic authorization services.


Having never used one before I have a question I would like to ask the forum readers about. My business does a lot of international shipping, but it is hard to estimate shipping costs for international orders, so what we have been doing is after receiving an international order we will box the order up, find the weight and cost to ship and then send an e-mail to the customer telling him or her the shipping cost. Then we edit the order to include the updated shipping cost. This has all been possible because we manually enter the credit card information in.


My question is, is it possible to do automatic credit card authorization even if the final shipping cost has note been decided yet? If not I would really appreciate suggestions on what others would do in this situation.


Thank you. I await any replies eagerly.

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