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Zones and Payments


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I'm not sure if my database is corrupt or if there is another way round this.


I have 2 zones.. One world zones and the other Australia zones.


Is it possible to have Australia listed under world zones and Australia zones at the sametime? Because my shop wont allow it.


The reason I also wont Australia under world zones is because I wish to use the same payment options for Australia zones and the world zones for 3 of my payment modules. So I could select world zones for those 3 payment options (out of 5) and selecting Australia zones for the other 2 allowing Australia to see all payment modules and world zones to see the 3 modules.


At the moment I can only select either Australian zone or world zone. and if I select world zone the payment option is not available to Australian's

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I think its is my database as I just made a new World Zones2 and select all countries.


Then went to payment options and selected the new new zone World Zones2 and the payment option disappeared in the checkout payment. I re-selected Australian Zone in the same payment option but still that payment option would not show under an Australian customer.


I had to do a database backup to get the payment option back!


Is there a way I can clear the database zones taxes etc and start from scratch again?

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I have major dramas now. I have been mucking around with zones and now I have lost all shipping and payment options.


Also to make matters worse none of the database backups no matter how far back I go will restore them.



Could someone please help. We are willing to pay to get this problem fixed now :)

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Not sure what has happen.. But I went into admin config and selected a different zone for store... then re-selected australia zone again and bang it is now fix...


Dodge database..


No need for help now thanks for looking

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