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Problem with WinXP/IE users


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Anyone have an idea why IE under XP would "forget" about the guest cart when checking out? If a user adds anything to their cart, then goes to checkout (and either logs in or signs up) the cart ends up empty. (2.2)


This is not an isolated problem with one user. Thanks for any insight.

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I use winXP/IE


I do testing on my site across many browsers on winXP and none exhibit this problem for me.


what is you site so I can test??

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Everything works perfectly in Win2K/IE... why this makes no sense to me.


Take a look at www.connecttech.net and see if it does it for you in XP. I'd appreciate it.



If you are using XP and IE, it forgets the contents of the Guest cart when you log in (doesn't seem to combine guest cart and user cart) - once you're logged in it works fine. (must be a cookie issue?)


Windows 98: IE6 - Browse as guest & add item to cart. Click checkout. Get login screen with nothing now showing in cart in upper right corner. Login as existing user & get "Your shopping cart is empty!" Continue takes me to index... Once logged in, cart works fine in 98/IE.


It also calves under these environments.


XP Netscape 6.2, not logged in. As Guest, I add 1 item to cart, it shows in the upper right shopping cart area. Click checkout, get login screen with the cart area showing nothing in cart. Login as existing user, next screen shows original items correctly in cart. Click checkout, nothing happens. Can't go past the shopping cart screen.


XP Netscape 4.7. Same exact deal.


XP Opera 6.05. Ditto.


Is there some mysterious "Browser version" or "OS version" check that is done somewhere that might be incorrect or not checking for greater than versions? Mommy make the bad code go away. :cry:

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