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Shipping Modules On / Off function stopped working


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I am have having issues with shipping modules not turning on... and OFF

I have a flat rate one that I turn on and off often when customers phone and ask for better shipping rate, so I know it was working 2 days ago.


For some reason, it stopped working, and when looking into further, I see that the others also stopped...


Nothing added since, just optimized and deleted visitor log to reduce file size when backing up.


I'm not able to turn on or off,... they stay where they were last set.


I tried uninstalling, and re-installing, and it did not solve the problem.


I tried uploading backup sql database, and it did not solve the problem.


I re-uploaded those specific files, and din not solve the problem.


I looked at permissions and changed them, and it did not help.


I optimized again, but did not help.


I reset my name with hopes of that, and no help either.



I'm lost, and now seeking help here... any ideas.


Thanks, Todd



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Problem solved... argh....

Seems my server did some upgrade.

I turned the magic quotes back on, and all works OK now.


Mon, 19 Jan 2009 15:42:29 CST

Server php.ini change

We are setting the default behavior for magic_quotes_gpc to off in our php.ini's in order to make way for our upcoming SiteBuilder upgrades. This will allow us to offer all of the SiteBuilder modules such as eShop and Blog. If you have any problems after we make the change you can toggle these settings in your php.ini QuickConfig located under the Software / Services section of your main cPanel.


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