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The e-commerce.

Should I use osCommerce?


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First of all, I apologize if this is not the section I should be posting this in... but it's the one more likely.


I'm looking for a solution to achieve the following:


I've become an 'intermediary' for a book distributor. I will not be 'selling' the books themselves though. I will be given the catalog of books in an XML file which I will publish in my website. When a visitor wishes to purchase any of the books, a link will be provided that will redirect the visitor to the specific page in the distributor's site where the transaction ('add to cart') will actually be carried out.


1.) I am not a programmer therefore I am looking for a "ready-made" package to use.


2.) The catalog contains 3000 books divided in 5 or 6 categories. The information available for each books includes title, cover, author, price, publisher and link to the distributor's online shop. Note it does not include any abstract or description though.


3.) I need a software that allows me to display the above information in an organized way, to search for specific titles and, once the book sought is found then redirect to the appropiate page at the distributor's site.


4.) Given that I won't be actually carrying out the transaction in my website but only showing the catalog (the books that is), should I be looking at osCommerce at all or else should I be looking to a different -maybe simpler- software all together?. If so, any ideas?



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Should be doable, product url could be used for the links.


Believe there is a contribution called oscatalog that might be of use.



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