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Broken Frames - Not sure why or how to fix


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Hi - I'm fairly new to OS Commerce, and have opted to use a 3d party template to make my site look a bit 'cleaner' and nicer to guests.


Earlier today, when entering categories, products, and updating product attributes the Layout of my site broke (I know - weird huh?).


Just in case I did something to the source files - I reloaded everything, except the database not really wanting to go back to zero on the site. However, nothing seems to fix the problem. Because it occurred when I was working in the admin on products and categories, I suspect the problem originated there - but I have no idea how to fix it.


If any of you are willing to take a look - please go to: Pandoras Place

You'll see the problem pretty immediately - all the 'text' and the store details are appearing Outside the main frame - to the right.


The only 'cause' I can think of, I can't figure out how to fix (or even how it's related, but since it's what I was working on today, somehow it's got to connect). Inside the admin, in Product Attributes, I fairly aggressively cleaned out all the 'sample' products and their attributes that came with the template. I was careful to make sure to remove items in order, and did not delete any items that were listed as 'linked' to something else in the database. However, under Product Options - the ID numbers - they no longer list in order. Instead it goes 1, 2, 4, 5 - and I distinctly remember deleting '3' thinking - "that's odd that there would be a blank attribute here."


So - any ideas? I really figured it had something to do with the .PHP in the template, but just replacing with the original, or source files, didn't fix the problem. I'd really appreciate any thoughts or ideas to try.





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