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Empty admin panel, please help


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Hi, weird problem. A bit ago I changed servers and now there is a weird admin problem I had noticed earlier but didn't think it was a real problem until now.


When you log into the admin panel, the main body area is empty by default. Since I could click through and see customers' orders through the navbar, I didn't think this was a big deal. Now I see it's bigger than that. If I click into payments, nothing appears except the routing to the payments module folder. I need to add a payment module and it won't let me choose anything (and apparently, doesn't see anything there even though it is).


I thought I had changed everything necessary in the config file (both includes and admin) and I recently looked through it and found nothing. I'm also getting an error in the catalog saying "images folder does not exist", which it definitely does.


To confirm that this isn't a permissions problem, I went back to the install site and double-checked permissions. They all appear to be fine and correct.


Any ideas?

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Strange. The /images/ file, while there, is not accepting new images. I tried uploading a new product with photo to test and the image doesn't appear on the site.


I checked admin/includes/configure.php and includes/configure.php and all the settings appear to be correct. The permissions on /images/ is 777.


Is there something I'm missing here?

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No one has any idea what might be causing these problems?


The admin panel is my first and biggest problem. I can't figure out why the body on most pages is empty (the modules, default page after login, etc.). The payment modules that ARE installed still work fine.

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