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Categories - Duplicate subcategories?


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Hi folks,


I've had a good look into this subject without luck but I'm not sure what to call it, so maybe a solution exists already.

Is there a way within the categories to add a shortcut link to subcategory within a different branch?


For example, in my site there are many categories:


one is called Anatomical Models, another is Osteology.


Under Osteology I have a subcategory call Skeletons, and further subcats under this.

I would now add a link to Skeletons from Anatomical Models.


Picture here:


>Anatomical Models


>>>Skeletons Sub1

>>>Skeletons Sub2




>>>Skeletons Sub1

>>>Skeletons Sub2


Now I know that I could replicate the same subcats as I have in Osteology, and then create product links, but this is messy for maintenance. Is there a way I can add a Skeletons subcat in Anatomical Models, which instead of staying there, shortcuts over to Osteology? Or maybe doesn't shortcut, but just has a live copy?


Hope that is clear - thanks in advance!



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