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Hello Everyone,


I am building an auto parts store, and I need some help with the customizations I will need to do. I am a php developer, so I can get into the code and make changes as needed, however, I just want to make sure that there isn't already a contribution or that it's not already in the system somewhere.



Here are some of the customizations I need to make, I would appreciate it if someone could let me know if a contribution already exists, another piece of software, or if it's already available as part of the default package.


The store's items are being shipping out from different supply warehouses. When a specific product is purchased, which belongs to that warehouse, instead of the default admin getting the e-mail, the warehouse needs to receive an order e-mail, stating which products need to be shipped. Each warehouse has it's own specific rates for shipping. Therefore, each product(s) could have different shipping rates and methods. I was thinking of adding fields to the manufacturers and essentially making each MFG as a warehouse.


I need the ability to have the warehouses to login to the system, and upload their products using csv (or other) and have it automatically enter the products.


Some products need to be organized by Make > Model > Year. (Dodge > Caravan > 2003). I looked at EZ Custom Fields contribution, I may try that unless there's a better one or easier way.


Any feedback on these would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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Glad to know the community here is so friendly and helpful! :| Someone had recommended I use OSCommerce for this project. Now I know it's just an old, clunky, poorly programmed product with a dying community. I am looking else where.



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Hello RIDD412,


Are you on version 2.2RC2a? (If you haven't allready moved on, that is...)


If so, I have a question for you.


I too am trying to set up a new store with this osc platform. I find my fresh install of version 2.2RC2a's default set of features & admin flow does not match the documentation at all!


Question for you is, does yours?


Do your admin product add screens match the pictures in the docs, or does it somehow look older, less developed>? (like mine does).


e.g. Where are the Tabbed dialog boxes for adding products? The docs show screen shots of a nice set pf tabbed dialog forms titled "General", "Data", "Images", "Attributes", and finaly "Categories". My fresh install has a long scrollable web page with "most" of the fields, but not all of them.


Another thing missing from my Admin section is under Localization... Mine does not have a link for "Weight Classes". Does yours?


I wonder if I am on the wrong path for my goals too. As you sentimented with your reply to your post...


Let me know what you think (and decide to do) if you get a moment.





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