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1. Need a Sign Out option/ 2. How to Secure?


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1. Need a Sign Out option


I'm trying to do a few more tests because I had a shipping amount issue when I realized that I have no way of signing out of the current account I'm in to create a new Int'l one for testing. Am I just tired and not seeing it or how to get it to show?


2. How to Secure site?

I"m sure there are threads covering this, but I am so frustrated with search right now that I could SCREAM! Couldn't search for Sign Out because OUT is a 3-letter word :angry: ... I mean, what the heck? ... didn't it used to be 4-letter words our parents told us not to use? really now......

Anyway, I want my customers to be secure and know that their info is secure. Can you direct me to a thread that is already around that will tell me step by step how to do this?

Again, its been years since I've touched this site, not intentional, but just the way life has happened. Now I'm ready to push this thru but want it done correctly and make sure all of my bases are covered...so how do I cover bases? :blush:


Thanks in advance,


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