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Incredibly n00b problem: can't delete demo product!


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Hello. A bit of background: I'm really only new to osCommerce. I'm a front-end web developer who works primarily in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. I also use perl, PHP & ActionScript fairly often. But today's my first day using osCommerce...


So: I set up osCommerce with no problem. I upgraded my local server to PHP 5.2.6, installed mySQL 4.1.22 (because it seems contributions aren't all up to mySQL 5 just yet, and my public test server isn't either), created a database for my shop, installed osCommerce v2.2 RC2, and tweaked the includes to get me away from that nasty 'just-installed' look and feel...


Then I logged in to http://localhost/catalog/admin/ and tried to delete the demo products.




HELP! I can find no way to delete products! (Same for alternate languages and currencies!)


The 'How Do I...?' post doesn't tell me how I do this.



The online docs (from 2005) show convenient little blue trashcans that my install seems to be missing.



The documentation included with the osCommerce download was also no help.


The following were recommended reading, but same result:






I've also searched both Google and http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/ without success.


Finally, much whiskey has given me no insight. Only helpless, pathetic wrath.


The story is old, I know, but it goes on. I'm guessing I'm missing something completely obvious, but lord knows I've tried to find the solution. Here's how things look when I go into the Admin tool and follow links in Catalog > Categories/Products.




Any ideas?





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One of my add-ons/contributions clears down the db so you can set up your test product and then when you want to go live run it again and install your production catalog.


I am just naturally lazy.





Need help installing add ons/contributions, cleaning a hacked site or a bespoke development, check my profile


Virus Threat Scanner

My Contributions

Basic install answers.

Click here for Contributions / Add Ons.

UK your site.

Site Move.

Basic design info.


For links mentioned in old answers that are no longer here follow this link Useful Threads.


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