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Popup image (with lightbox) on product listings


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Working on my site, hoping to get it active soon :)


I really like the lightbox popup I got to work in my product info page. It's quick, with no "loading time" and just as I like it.

See here: Product info with lightbox


But in my product listing pages, I can't get it to work... Just the standard popup with wrong size... :)

See here: Product list page


So, can someone please help me to get the lightbox work on my product list page? When I try to copy the code from product info page, no products show up...


I used this contrib to get it to work on the product info page, but there is no info in the contrib about having the lightbox popup on product listings page.... LIGHTBOX Image for STS


Thank you



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Hello Fible, really fast reply :)


I don't use STS (not shure what it is..) I just used the code to get lightbox popup to work in product info page.

I know there is no popup of image in product list page, but I would like to have one. And a better one then the one there now.

To get to the product info page, the custumer must press the product name.



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http://forums.oscommerceproject.org/index.php?showtopic=930 has the solution! Terra/Edith came up with the litle bit of code to replase the "case product_list_image" bit with the lightbox info.


So, NOW my product _list_ page looks like I want it :) :) :)


(Strange thing is that I searced but did not find it, before google helped me) :)

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