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The e-commerce.

Need some pointers possibly on site.


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A few comments.


* You accept PayPal but through PayPal you also accept Visa, Mastercard (and Amex?). Put these logos in your we accept area as well.

* The text in the shopping cart info box is in my opinion too large.

* The attributes once a product is added to the shopping cart are too small to read

* Do you really need to collect some of the info such as sex and DOB

* Gallery is blank

* Consider removing the right hand column on the home page

* Doesnt appear to be using SSL. Get SSL (it is mentioned in info or one of those pages)

* Payment method (paypal) and delivery method (best way) both show up as white text in a white box which is confusing.

* Free postage worldwide - is this intentional ? Either change your banner to say free postage worldwide or setup international postage rates or limit customer setup to US only. I note from your policies you want them to contact you for a quote, you need OSC to force that or put something in at time of order in case they dont read your policy.

* Even though the product was out of stock I was allowed to complete the purchase. There was only a small *** which most people would not notice.


Nothing really major just some improvements to what looks like a very good site.


Good luck with it.

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Hi. Just a few thoughts


If i click on your paypal verifed logo, should it not take me to the paypal website so i can see that you are verified.

Your buttons look like they have the top left and bottom right corners missing.

You dont appear to have SSl


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