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The e-commerce.

Hi there! Are the all the contributions built into latest version or must i pick and choose them


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Hi there! Are the all the contributions built into latest version of osCommerce or must i pick and choose what add ons i need and FTP them in?


You need to pick and choose. Each has install instructions, so follow them.

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Picking and choosing and following instructions is easier said than done. No one is monitoring the contributions for compatibility or, and it would be impossible and in fact pointless to install them all. Even if somehow you managed to determine which 30 or 40 contributions are the really worthwhile and functional ones, you may miss some really good ones that have specific limited functions appropriate for you.


Worse, by the time you get a number of contributions installed you start to discover that you are installing contributions on top of each other.

Oscommerce site:



OSC to CSS, http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7263 -Mail Manager, http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8120

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Hello All,

I am brand new to osCommerce and absolutely love it so far. I just got the "out of the box" site up yesterday on a test LAN box and I have spent today reading newbie forums (some very helpful, some very funny, some both!) before I start tweaking. I was wondering what other users process of choosing which contributions to include. My main concern at this point is manipulating info boxes, and that led me to the contribution InfoBox Admin. I am not sure what the community feedback is on these contributions as far as stability and which is the latest "tested" version. I was also wondering if most/all of these include exactly what files are touched during the install so I can backup. I guess I will download one now and find out. Other than searching the forums (my eyes are bleeding) for all posts related does anyone have advice? I hope this isn't too repetitive a question.

So far-- Awesome product with an awesome forum.

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Everyone will have a different opinion as to what are the best contributions to install. To start with i would install the following


1. Ultimate URLs

2. Header tags SEO

3. Sitemap SEO

4. Gogle sitemaps.


Once these are installed your site will get noticed by search engines. you can then start making your site look the part by adding even more.


On my site i have probably added 30 or more contributions and alterations. Some of them have been small and easy, some have been hard, some have even been removed again.


Good luck


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Thanks Steve, thats helpful advice. I will look at those, too bad my vacation from my real job ends today :angry: Maybe I'll find my way to the forum anyway.

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