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The e-commerce.

Any PHP guru's interested in tackling a small project?


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I was interested in finding a contribution where I could print my catalog from the admin side.

I stumbled across this - Product Listing.


But it turned into a two part or better yet a totally different animal with the following updates. It originally didn't work with my PHP 5 and MySQL 5 but that has been taken care of.


The two parts of the contribution:

One file/page is all set to print the complete catalog of products showing - Product #, Product Name, Status, Qty, and Price.

If "might" be nice to add some sort of search feature in case you only want to print certain products??


The other file I have been struggling with is a quick product updater. You can sort the list by Category/Sub-Category, Stock Level, and a Search term for the product name (product # doesn't work).


The neat feature is that the resulting output page allows you to quickly update the - Price, Weight, and Qty of multiple products with one click after filling in the new information in form boxes.


What I am having trouble with:

I have the product Status displayed on the page, but clicking on it doesn't update it just refreshes the page.


I really wanted to put a search by manufacturers box on the page but had no luck.


I haven't taken a look at the Search term box to see why it won't allow a search by product number, but that might be nice to have fixed.


I don't think there is any similar contribution out there other than easy populate. I was thinking this could be released back to the contribution area after the few extra features were added. It would sure make it easy updating stock for those of us who's stock availability changes often from our distributors.


I have had help with some of the problems I fixed already from Jack_mcs and germ which I truely appreciate.

All credit would of course go to all involved.


I don't think the last remaining fixes would be too difficult for someone that knows what they are doing. But I haven't got a clue as I don't know PHP. :unsure:

I don't even know why I got involved... Wait, yes I do! I thought it would be a great feature to have.


Any willing takers please let me know.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

- :: Jim :: -

- My Toolbox ~ Adobe Web Bundle, XAMPP & WinMerge | Install ~ osC v2.3.3.4 -

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