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The e-commerce.

3 languages with 3 catalogs


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hello i am trying to use ecommerce for 3 different catalogs with 3 different languages .. is that possible or how ?


is there a model for it ??


thank you


in short: yes, it's possible... anything is possible if you have enough time.

if i understand you correctly, you want three different catalogs, each with three different languages.


can you not just have 3 different mysql databases? or if your host won't allow that, all 3 in one database with different prefixes.

it would be a pain in the arse copying products around, so an alternative would be to store inthe products tables in the database a number, and use that in the php to decide whether or not to display the product on a page depending on which "catalog" the page is meant to be using...


eg, 3 catalogs, a,b and c. if visitor is in catalog A then only display products where (in the query) products.product_catnum="1" (or 4 or 7 for combinations of A, B or C that include A).


the lagnuages would be easy to implement with either of those.


if all you want is a catalog in each language why not just have one with all 3 available... it's easy to direct people to a specific language, by using ?language=spanish or whatever (not sure exactly what it is) in url.

osCommerce is GREAT. When it works...

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