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ssl admin assistance


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I have the site with ssl and it was working fine until I tried a logout mod and had to change the .htaccess file.


I have since taken the mod out completely however...


It seems it all works except in the store front I can't get to My Account or Customer Log in.


This is the setup..


in admin .htaccess


AuthUserFile /home/autovisi/.htpasswd

AuthName "Restricted Area"

AuthType Basic

Require valid-user



In .htpasswd above www root

blah: code







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I did note that when I deleleted the htpasswd file from above the root, it all worked fine.


Of course this means there is no admin folder security using this method.


I guess it also means that one needs some other code because when going to My Account and Login one is going to the shared ssl server.


Any ideas please?


oz :-)

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