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Problems with products


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Hi, I recently installed the latest version of oscommerce and a tempalte. Problems started right away. I kept seeing this 1054 error. I searched a bit and found the fix where you have to modify index.php and advanced_search_result.php I also did the thing with .htaccess and added php.ini. Everything seemed to work just fine before I started adding products. When adding any product I get this error:


1062 - Duplicate entry '148-1' for key 1


insert into products_description (products_name, products_description, products_url, products_id, language_id) values ('', '', '', '148', '1')




It adds the product but with wrong description, price, etc. Only thing that is correct is the product image. Everything else it puts automatically itself.

I also should note that when installing that template, there were demo products (different kinds of belts ect) but I soon deleted them all. And now when I try to add my own product I get that error and it replaces my product descriptions with those old demo product descriptions. Really weird.


Also products are messed up. It might show you one shirt and when you click on it it takes you to other shirt and so on. I'ts really chaotic. AND one more thing. :D It doesn't let you add products in to the cart when you are at homepage. (Where it shows you the new products.)

I'm really desperate here. Any ideas? :huh:


You can see the site here: http://pood.kalvik.ee


PS. Sorry for my poor english. : ) Hope you understand.

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