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Customer pricing and tax module required


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Hi all,


I am in the middle of a bit of a fix. I have installed the 'separate pricing per customer' module, but it doesn't really fit my needs.


I am doing a site for disability aids, and in the UK for people with some conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and other bad conditions, they don't have to pay the tax on many items that make life easier.


What I am looking for is the ability for the customer on signup to choose whether they are tax exempt.


On other similar websites, there is something like this:


[ ] By ticking this box, I claim relief from VAT on the goods that I am ordering. I declare that I am / the person for whom I am buying is / chronically sick or disabled by reason of (give a description of your condition),


[ text box ]


and that I am receiving the goods detailed above which are being supplied to me for domestic or my personal use and claim relief from value added tax under group 12 of schedule 8 to the Value Added Tax 1994


Date ___________________________________





At the moment, as far as I can see, the separate pricing per customer mod allows this kind of thing to be done only by the admin.


Also, not all items in the shop are eligible for this relief, so this will need to be addressed.


Depending on how much work it would take, I would be willing to pay someone to mod the mod, but I was wondering whether there was anything that did this already.





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